About Us

We are a specialized corporative in Integral Business Solutions, Logistics and Foreign Trade, providing value and competitiveness proposals in the supply chain of all industrial and commercial sectors.

We have the support that provides us more than 65 years of experience in our services and businesses in customs, transportation and logistics through our strategic partners.

INTSOL GROUP is a company that is committed to responding to the challenges of our customers, with customized and innovative global logistics solutions, which meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

We are a group committed to our clients, carrying out their operations with equity, transparency and legality for the fulfillment of obligations Customs, providing practical solutions and applying information with latest technology.
Being international leaders in logistics business with based in the human resources and highly qualified technological tools, maintaining a level of excellence service focused on the integration of innovative solutions..
  • Respect, Development and Excellence of the Human Resource.
  • We promote in our Group the respect and development of skills and abilities to expand knowledge of human resources, ensuring growth in our organization.
  • Honesty and integrity
  • We act responsibly by acquiring commitments based on our principles and moral values. We act in a congruent way between what we think and what we do.
  • Innovation and creativity
  • The spirit of innovation and creativity are indispensable characteristics in our human resource and represent an important base for the development and continuous improvement, for what we distinguish ourselves in being a creative organization, with innovative capacity and excellent results.
  • Quality and Pro-activity
  • We define quality management, optimizing our resources, implementing processes and high-end technology in information and control systems, anticipating the needs of our customers to exceed their expectations.